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MetalGearMasterhey everyone. pelase got to and register. :smokin: Yo...

18th January 2004 05:01

Who Will keep the title of Hean Held Consle King?:lookaround: I personally think it will be Ninte...

19th August 2004 01:08

"Ivana Ivanna humpalot" "I want toilet made of gold we can't all get what we want."-Austin Powers

27th August 2004 09:08

Happy B-day to you mate!!

27th August 2004 09:08

kewl, 9/10

25th August 2004 23:08

don't work so 0/10

19th August 2004 08:08

Disney games are the lamest games i've ever played. I hate them all! Goodness, they make the freak...

19th August 2004 00:08

Thank you i might have many thank you for the welcome.

19th August 2004 00:08

I left for a while.... I came back after about a year but i'm glad to be back!!:talker: Well i...

19th August 2004 00:08


10th April 2004 07:04

Yes please.

10th April 2004 07:04

I would like to get rid of the . in The Punisher. Done Done, woul you like me to remove the space...

10th April 2004 06:04

I want to change my name to The Punisher. done

8th April 2004 09:04

Hugh jackman as snake.

25th March 2004 01:03

Granted but it just gets worst. I wish for a free trip to london.

22nd March 2004 11:03

Granted,but the pie smells like crap. I wish I had $90000000000000000000000000000000.99.

15th March 2004 07:03

lines do you mean like msn yahoo aol?

24th October 2004 23:10

Thanks. :p

27th December 2004 01:12

I need help with my computer. You see i have a little thing called spy ware and i know alot of com...

26th December 2004 12:12

I'm not to sure about getting DS its a bit pricey.

25th December 2004 23:12

I have another it has to do with Iraq he draged us in there for no reason Sadam didn't say 1 word to...

10th November 2004 11:11

Because he has mislead the US, by making us think there were WMD's in Iraq when there really wasn't,...

10th November 2004 10:11

If you are against George W. Bush sign this petition. If you think that bush cheated again and Nader...

10th November 2004 10:11

Well i'm gonna makea a racing fkash movie or a just a comedy...

30th October 2004 09:10


24th October 2004 23:10