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I have to agree with Guru10. they werent that rare. they were used in the rusian campaign. but they...

7th December 2003 04:12

and the fact that chinis men outnumber women with 17 million might also help the war effort.. though...

11th October 2005 16:10

And yes there was a site at one point back when .5 came out that sold coffee mugs and hats and thing...

17th October 2005 23:10

werent there a site at some point where you could order stuff with FH's logo on? if so, does anybod...

17th October 2005 16:10

ok, added meself.. though i dont live in copenhagen, i work there and i only live about 45km away.

14th October 2005 18:10

looks cool.. too bad i cant add meself to the map.. apparently my city dosent exist

14th October 2005 04:10


14th October 2005 01:10

a "waterpip" i belive it's calld.. atleast thats what we call them here in denmark.. but they are in...

13th October 2005 22:10

ahh.. crap thats it.. im done making sigs.. dident get the fealing you liked it anyways, so im jus...

13th October 2005 00:10

here the updated one: fh logo alone:

12th October 2005 22:10

heh.. i knew i was missing something.. i'll get it in there when i get home. any font requests? and...

12th October 2005 19:10

okee.. heres my try:

12th October 2005 18:10

hey Eglearinion, i'll get one done for ya today. hope you like a bit animation..

12th October 2005 17:10

and now when you have become a dev.. i expert all those things to be fixed! :p

11th October 2005 17:10

arent those screens from the xbox version? that would explain the little rough grapichs

10th October 2005 23:10

it would lag the game to peices

18th October 2005 15:10

yeah but as those pic show they dident really where more camo then the avrege german soldier.. well...

10th October 2005 13:10

Selow Heights

10th October 2005 13:10

guess i got a bit caught up in the whos right and wrong game.. but lets get one thing straight.. i...

10th October 2005 01:10

But FH has never actually promised new skins for the Brits on FH1... therefore he was confused by th...

9th October 2005 19:10

yep with the assault class

9th October 2005 16:10

i think the only one thats confused around here is you mate.. :P trý reading the whole post ones mor...

8th October 2005 21:10

hi folks, I remember the FH Dev-Team saying that they would present the new-made uniform skins for...

8th October 2005 20:10

*Cough* along with seriously similar COD:UO smoke and fire effects.. ok, i'll stop now

8th October 2005 15:10

I am not clear on what happened next, I think teh next day the British advanced again and regained a...

8th October 2005 15:10