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Hey just wanted to say hey to all of yall and I probaly will be coming back here frequently.

2nd October 2004 21:10

welcome to FF cubbies777 ENJOY

21st January 2008 13:01

You will have that problem if you both are using the same Game key.i have 3 computers on my connecti...

5th April 2008 10:04

~Merrick;4277236I didn't say that COD4 didn't have hackers. Nor did i say how many, did i? They de...

2nd April 2008 11:04

I have found this on combo drives and just for this game

25th January 2008 07:01


25th January 2008 07:01

~Merrick;4167935The unfortunate thing is, Raven doesn't have the talent they had to do this project....

21st January 2008 13:01

~Merrick;3867242Like i said. You will not find a supporter here for that mod nor for him. He isn't a...

20th August 2007 19:08

Yep it indeed looks like bf2>>> BUMMER

3rd October 2007 19:10

I wish some one would give is an announcement.

9th October 2007 09:10

I have tryed EB games here in canada and they would not let me pre-order.grrrr

14th October 2007 00:10

first question do you have the game on more than one drive?

21st January 2008 13:01

:bows:well i did indeed just come from eb games and paid for a pre order and i did have a look in eb...

14th October 2007 05:10

We wont really know what to expect untill the game is released.I hope they do a better job with PB t...

21st October 2007 00:10

DarkGstar;4008691Hello, I just bought a G15 Gaming Keyboard of Logitech. Nice keyboard and works g...

1st November 2007 05:11

Oblivious;4009391You might try looking through the forum linked below for user created SOF2 profiles...

1st November 2007 20:11

I would like to see raven get back on this and put out the real sof3 i know it wont happen but it wo...

20th January 2008 15:01

i would like to see cell block..and xmas alley witch im sure you will have on there.

20th January 2008 15:01