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Here is a Picture of my multiplayer problem: This doesnt happen for single player, so im not su...

5th July 2005 02:07

Man i tried making ships spawn fighters, but i cant find anything ur talking about. For example you...

15th March 2006 05:03

Ok i edited it with notepad, but how do i put it back in to overwrite the original faction xml

6th March 2006 18:03

Well it didnt work.

7th March 2006 04:03

1 thing tried a few times but worked once, was send boba fett to the ground, and go destory the ion...

7th March 2006 07:03

I dunno never tried that way. I just take screenshots using xfire.

7th March 2006 07:03

Find out :p

7th March 2006 07:03

Quick question for ya Juggernaut. I was watching Return of Jedi the the other day and noticed that o...

11th March 2006 20:03

MynaMeisAwUrrm you do know it is quite simple to edit it so they do have hangar bays? No i didnt k...

11th March 2006 23:03

Oh, i see why i couldnt find it. I was in the spaceunitfrigates.xml.Thanks man. Another quick noob...

15th March 2006 06:03

Got the extractor thing, but dont see faction in the program. found it but i cant edit anything. D...

5th March 2006 21:03

Btw, i finished the fighter spawning thing for the Nebulon B frigate. Went to try it out. Results:...

15th March 2006 07:03

I noticed their havent been any more March Updates. Whats going on, are u guys on break? Or trying t...

18th March 2006 21:03

Be patience young padawan, in time you will know.

19th March 2006 09:03

First when you get your star destroyer in the nebula, make sure its close to getting out. Second, ma...

20th March 2006 07:03

You'll need a few big ships to stay near the interdictors so that the rebels will be more focused on...

21st March 2006 05:03

Imperial_Scout_Trooperyep indeed. but whats pretty stupid is that you HAVE to use the interdicters y...

22nd March 2006 04:03

Yup you can say its like a package.LoW is a mod, and wont be coming out anytime soon. Its driving me...

23rd March 2006 19:03

Im i the only one that got it to work by putting it in the base folder? Well i dont care, as long as...

26th March 2006 09:03

They speak the truth

6th March 2006 09:03

I cant find no faction xml

5th March 2006 10:03

can someone plz help with my problem.

5th July 2005 19:07

Can someone plz help

9th July 2005 04:07

:mad: :mad: :mad: ???

6th July 2005 03:07

Xx_______xXi have the same problem And no one here helps?

6th July 2005 21:07
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