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It's probably gonna lag on my piece of sh*t computer :( Can't wait anyways!

29th February 2004 04:02

Some expensive shirts and a leather bag. Perhaps a cool tie as well. Oh and wtf, the Dutch Santa s...

16th December 2009 00:12

Best non-alcoholic drink: A large glass of cold refreshing milk. Best heavy alcoholic drink: Scot...

14th December 2009 23:12

I've had it since Little Christmas.

14th December 2009 23:12

And not the Irish variant.

14th December 2009 23:12

Whole milk Low fat milk Fat free milk Lactose free milk Fat free lactose free milk Sour milk Eco mil...

15th December 2009 00:12

A Megaburger meal from Hesburger. Fries, coke and a large burger. In fact, it's their largest burger...

15th December 2009 02:12

Heh. Moderation indeed... Finland is the top consumer of milk in the world. =p /edit: Per capita of...

15th December 2009 03:12

What about eggs?

15th December 2009 06:12

After some research I can conclude that: -Old English is a malt liquor with <10% ABV sold in 40oz...

15th December 2009 21:12

OP is a heterosexual male that I would not like to murder.

15th December 2009 21:12

Don't really care dude.

16th December 2009 05:12

Best food: Plank steak. Various or a single piece of meat marinated in red wine and spices, placed...

14th December 2009 09:12

First snow right now :D

16th December 2009 05:12

16th December 2009 05:12

I saw the sun today for the first time in weeks. It filled me with joy :)

16th December 2009 20:12

jackripped;5171352Firstly l wont go to hell ! Most people are racist, we discriminate to make a dec...

17th December 2009 21:12

dinosaurJR;5169538"show your kid your penis, that'll straighten him out" Is it a good sign if your...

18th December 2009 09:12

Tea bags for everyone!

18th December 2009 09:12

stylie;5172314LOL camo superman. Quiet day today, no news to report. Im wondering if the invaders a...

18th December 2009 20:12

Crazy Wolf;5170985But how would Dread possibly rub off on someone? Perhaps through close physical co...

18th December 2009 22:12

So i herd u liek mudkipz?

19th December 2009 06:12

14.12.2009 16:40 -11,3 °C, Vaasa, Finnish west coast Sun rises at 10:05 and sets at 14:51 Lenght...

14th December 2009 22:12

-5 degrees Celcius here. No snow, just frost on the windows and grass.

14th December 2009 07:12

I'd give 'em both a puke facial.

20th December 2009 13:12