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Time for another Weekly Guess today?

20th August 2008 23:08

I'd say either Nebelwerfers or Garand (or both).

21st August 2008 00:08

Space pie?

23rd August 2008 20:08

Ah, excellent update. The hard-ons are spreading throughout America. :p

21st August 2008 03:08

jumjum;4519900Amazing! How did you figure this neat trick out? In the beginning of the first video...

21st August 2008 21:08

I bought a Budwiser earlier and I'm trying it out now... tastes like water.

22nd August 2008 00:08

Yes, all of the German planes will just be broken down statics, or locked for players immitating the...

22nd August 2008 00:08

What I think of Americans: (yes, I just wanted to post that picture :p)

22nd August 2008 20:08

None of the above. One of the Nordic countries would be my choice.

22nd August 2008 20:08

Austrian PzKpfw Steyr ADGZ Armored Car

23rd August 2008 02:08

We should really stop using the same sites :p

23rd August 2008 16:08

Will there be space cake?

23rd August 2008 16:08

Guess where she hides her treasure :naughty:

23rd August 2008 16:08

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