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Dread pwns me!

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Maybe you should stop playing games if you have a wife and 3 kids. focus on them.

15th April 2005 00:04

You and me both dude but jsut dont think about it and do it. It will turn out ok

9th April 2005 03:04

Didnt Bruce Willis Tear someones Balls Off

9th April 2005 03:04

doctors arent exactly free so i came here. but anyways good news I woke up this morning with no pain...

6th April 2005 20:04

I didnt drop 200lbs on em and they hadnt blown up. soo i try to bare it untill tomorrow

6th April 2005 02:04

element you need to get your head checked out. ask ward churchill to go with you cause you guys have...

22nd March 2005 22:03

Elem3nt Just the other day I watched a video of some u.s troops shooting a dog for 'fun', Ive been s...

22nd March 2005 03:03

Umm fuck you guys this is the internet soo i take typing shortcuts. I bet you two have the same prob...

9th May 2005 23:05

End Game was horrible. It made no sense, and the end was... well I cant explain it because it made n...

28th January 2005 23:01

What cheat for it?

7th February 2005 23:02

You are able to tell if she is a virgin. Ditch the bitch Find some broad that doesn't cry a lot and...

7th February 2005 23:02

Enterprise sucked. I stopped watching it after the first season. I saw some of the other episodes th...

5th February 2005 18:02

VertigoIt's a process known as "going jowelly". While Matt Perry (Chandler) beefed up because he was...

4th February 2005 22:02

That game is fun, but it has been around for awhile

4th February 2005 22:02

Joey isn't as good as Friends, but is pretty funny

3rd February 2005 23:02

I dont think I have 10 But my favorite is Halo 2

3rd February 2005 23:02

Admrl_Shaun1981 As to the Chicago setting, GTA: 3 was loosly based on Chicago (like Vice City was lo...

3rd February 2005 23:02

Try a limo

3rd February 2005 23:02

my friends playstation broke, and he called some tech line and the dude on there said playing dvds c...

3rd February 2005 23:02

Will san andreas be comming out on Xbox. Ithink there is something wrong with my PS2. Has anyone ev...

3rd February 2005 02:02

Start those little sluts early. Well, Maybe we need to start telling little girls in the States abou...

1st February 2005 01:02

How is he going to butcher his own movie.

28th January 2005 23:01

I rented it then got to a hard part and it pissed me off, soo I stoped playing Max payne is good, bu...

9th February 2005 22:02

mEkImIrMeuh, it would never go to xbox, nintendo has too much riding on sega right now that they wou...

27th January 2005 22:01

General DzurGame to Movie translations have never gone very well. I'm just sad to see that they're g...

26th January 2005 22:01