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You can make this effect in Chaos Force Unlimited Mod... Jedi Knight Files - Screenshots for File: C...

22nd February 2008 22:02

Hmm... I think it's good but I have to see that on model :) Get this texture on model and I think wi...

28th April 2009 01:04

Topic is OLD but maybe someone giant skill to model and animated Varactyl? :)

27th February 2010 20:02

I saw HapSlash model with changing head and hand. I mean torso was standard but head and hand was ex...

24th February 2010 23:02

ok, I fix it. Now is good.

13th February 2010 21:02

Greetings Today I receive skin (starkiller) from one of users and I got idea, but i can't fulfill it...

13th February 2010 04:02

Could you send me your skin of Galen Marek too? ;) What version of robe you done? (Train, Heavy...?)...

12th February 2010 05:02

Devmap or devmapall ... The two commands work just the same. Epic fail? ;)

3rd August 2009 16:08

SP or MP in Solo Mode? In MP Solo Mode - with bots - first you must launch map in devmapall mode. S...

3rd August 2009 06:08

Yep... Start New Game with Bot and have fun.

3rd August 2009 05:08

Yep. This is possible :) You can change animation or create new. But... This mod: UltimateWeapons (...

28th July 2009 23:07

Write in console /modelscale 120 and model will be bigger :)

6th June 2009 18:06

Can you do this: Spoiler: Show again? ... I know ;f Sorry but this is the best. Can you?

16th May 2009 18:05

Do with the last one.

15th May 2009 18:05

And how progress?

5th May 2009 14:05

Hmm... Sorry but I don't like the last one. Maybe do something like this: Spoiler: Show Here is...

27th April 2009 21:04

Super saber ;o You have big talent. ohh... i wanna him :P Skin was too good... Can you make Starkil...

4th October 2008 03:10

Yep I know... It's only one picture ;f I wanna this saber for Jedi (my RP char) and I think texture...

24th April 2009 14:04

I mean more metallic :P Like This: Qui-Gon Jinn Saber or this Obi-Wan Kenobi Saber You know what I m...

24th April 2009 04:04

Very nice. Make better texture and will be good :)

21st April 2009 22:04

Hmmmm... :) Looks better Keep working

19th April 2009 14:04

Thanks you :) No problem :P I was afraid because I wasn't sure if you working on it... Uff... Now I...

19th April 2009 06:04

And what with saber? SM555 you making it?

13th April 2009 22:04

If you'll do it I'll download skin for 100% ^^ That would be awesome ;)

12th April 2009 00:04

He was saying "Looks just fine to me". If it look good why he won't release him? I'm not spaming I j...

11th April 2009 21:04
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