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There's my Evil Baby Doll :D (May be too dark for some people)

23rd November 2004 01:11

[color=black]Mmm, looks absolutely mouth watering.[/color]

23rd November 2004 02:11

This one isn't all that funny, but hey, what the hell? Smile for the camera!

23rd November 2004 13:11

I might post some more later, these are just a few random screensho...

24th November 2004 20:11

Could anyone else check this out... it's nothing big, but it's annoying just seeing it sitting there...

25th November 2004 02:11

There was a patch, I went to play hl2 and it said Updating Half-Life 2. And I've restarted the level...

25th November 2004 05:11

I think it's Highway 17, I'll go check to make sure.

25th November 2004 06:11

Highway 17 'd2_coast_07'

25th November 2004 06:11

Just another console kiddy whos pc can't even run Half-Life 2, so he joins just to get on our nerves...

28th November 2004 21:11

What Solid Snake said :) The environments in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. look amazing. And it has that nice Ha...

28th November 2004 21:11

Praet0rianD3 makes me feel like I'm in a wax museum... So true.

29th November 2004 01:11

"And plus...... if its all waxy on you thats because ur graphics card isnt high tech... and dont com...

29th November 2004 01:11

Point taken. I'm comparing how things look now though, so Half-Life 2 is the winner as of now.

29th November 2004 02:11