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lol.....Regarding the side arm for snipers. If is going to to the 9mm berreta is not going to do muc...

7th November 2003 06:11

Scipio1479I guess i will have to agree with the n00b and say that sidearms wont be very helpful. Go...

8th November 2003 03:11

LOL....i killed someone with the m9 :lol: Took me a whole clip ;r

8th November 2003 09:11

Since they look like terrorist to you but they are US to them so they are wearing it.

9th November 2003 19:11

Try using 1.50 mouse sensitivity on zoom view got 38/40 1st try.

10th November 2003 12:11

No no zoom cheat, i was talking about iron sights.

10th November 2003 13:11

What is up with the login time out? can't login into anything. pisses me off. :furious:

11th November 2003 03:11

Man! The army it's been advertising the OICW to be is service since i joined in 1996. Now it's been...

29th December 2003 16:12