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FhlouzSB1 if you wanna join mail [email][/email]

11th April 2004 08:04

/com_hunkmegs 256 what that command means or does?

15th November 2004 20:11

my download speed is 100kb/sec, thats not slow? :/

24th March 2005 22:03

what does mean the ban message "loseing key packets" what should i change, that this message will no...

24th March 2005 22:03

21st December 2004 16:12 :eek: :eek: :eek:

17th December 2004 02:12

i hope they will patch them both and it will come out soon i cant wait :(

12th December 2004 00:12

when this comes out? there are so many bugs that they should fix :( even in clan war matches everybo...

11th December 2004 22:12

i cant find there I used keywords "scanner" "doc" :/

29th November 2004 17:11

DocScanner 2.5 anyone have this program or you know any better program? give download links :(...

28th November 2004 22:11

useful commands in COD when you are a player to have no more lag, i mean like ping is good and feels...

15th November 2004 07:11

I joined ;)

31st May 2004 08:05

what those commands mean in COD? are they useful or something? /cl_maxpackets 60 /rate 25000

14th November 2004 01:11

whats the command i wanna see my fps too /seta cg drawfps ??

10th September 2004 09:09

hurtgen is sniper heaven i dont like that map.

9th September 2004 10:09

In Game when i play and kill somebody my cod wont shot all the kills who i killed, i kill someone an...

20th August 2004 21:08

MP44 no doubt =)

14th August 2004 12:08

and to play that expansion pack you need a COD too? or is it stand alone ?

13th August 2004 10:08

when it will it come out? or will it ever come out? and what changes should be in the patch 1.5?

12th August 2004 07:08

ok thanks

30th June 2004 23:06

Is there any program for COD what will count my kills or deaths what i do and after i can see how ma...

29th June 2004 18:06

mayby this lag and stuff is because i use maxpackets 100 is it too much for my connection??? how muc...

28th March 2005 05:03