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Makes me so mad that I gave it up a month ago, and now im a full fledge moddler

8th August 2002 19:08

The demo is really awesome. It gives plenty to test out the performance of the game, but holds back...

22nd December 2004 15:12

Wait, I thought you didn't like HL2....

25th December 2004 02:12

The 3rd one still isn't has good as the first. :p

24th December 2004 23:12

Oh! I know who those guys are. I thought they were just called "slaves" from their HL1 debut.

23rd December 2004 13:12

Isn't it obvious...he's mute. :rolleyes: And what does Gordon wear when it's not the HEV suit? Why...

23rd December 2004 11:12

Yeah, what is a vortogaunt?

23rd December 2004 11:12

I'm a story writer and could gladly write out something for you. Just give me an idea of what your l...

23rd December 2004 11:12

ive seen enough HL3 pics...

22nd December 2004 15:12

why are u asking something like this in a HL2 forum :rolleyes:

20th December 2004 10:12

lets see more pics! :D

22nd December 2004 15:12

minor flaw that doesnt affect gameplay...

22nd December 2004 13:12

well before HL3 comes out, i wanna see some expansion packs like they did with HL1. but stuff id wan...

21st December 2004 07:12

i hope this holds me till christmas. also a good test to see the performance of HL2 before the big d...

21st December 2004 07:12

lol were a bunch of idiots quoting ourselves :D

20th December 2004 11:12

Stealth3But I made that from screenshots, and what the devs said. Plus from people that test it out...

20th December 2004 10:12

Ok, my friend tells me that he heard from some people on some other forum that if you do something,...

15th January 2005 05:01