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Hi! Oh and Tri every time I see your Star Trek Avatar I feel all funny inside....Is this normal?

13th September 2010 02:09

Wow man you guys are so anal it's crazy. I'm trying to like you, but you're like Buttermilk...a bit...

19th September 2010 04:09

So if I had a website that was for gamers and I wanted to share it with the world, why couldn't I sh...

19th September 2010 00:09

Welcome, but I'm a noob myself. I've seen stick figure flash games, but not what you're talking abou...

16th September 2010 07:09

Cheers. :beer:

14th September 2010 23:09

Hi, Nice to me you "I'm new here" :cya:

14th September 2010 09:09

In the way it should I'm guessing

13th September 2010 05:09

Do u shave ur pits? Cheers!

13th September 2010 02:09


13th September 2010 02:09

How could we forget?

12th September 2010 11:09

Thanks again man!

12th September 2010 11:09

Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear is what introduced me to PC gaming. I've been hooked ever since. I still ha...

12th September 2010 05:09

Hi guys, I'm playing Free Falcon 5.51 the BEST Flight Sim ever..And its FREE! The best flight sim e...

12th September 2010 04:09

Inyri Forge;5393192Maybe the "grumpy admin" prefers that you read the forum rules before you post ra...

12th September 2010 04:09

Hello everyone this is like my 3rd post trying to say hello but the grumpy admin either keep removin...

12th September 2010 01:09

I just wanted to let everyone know that the new version of FF5 is out and available for download at...

30th September 2010 02:09