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what sofware do i use to MOD? i am a beggeninner, so i need a something thats easy to learn. and yes...

14th March 2005 05:03

Well, yeah you can take the skin part of one model and put it on another but itll look bad. Youd hav...

23rd December 2006 06:12

Not to mention how weird that would look.

27th December 2006 02:12

Yes, its free and it comes with the SDK. It allows you to view player models out of the game in a 3d...

27th December 2006 02:12

Many computorally challenged people confuse installing with downloading.

25th December 2006 22:12

I think we covered this before: max uses like 4 times as many ppolies as Radiant, if your planning t...

25th December 2006 22:12

Oh, so your talking about the music you buy from itunes. Yeah you coud just use iTunes. However, if...

25th December 2006 01:12

Errm. Which world war? Theres 2 of em.

23rd December 2006 14:12

Looks very great, you have serious skill. Id love that more as a TFFA map then a siege though, and t...

23rd December 2006 13:12

Id rather take those guns.

23rd December 2006 13:12

Gumby is awesome! Yeah, youd get some mega clipping issues though.

23rd December 2006 13:12

Reinstall, its the simplest way now.

23rd December 2006 13:12

Gah, ok people, the reason this happens is when you use misc_models. use misc_model_statics and youl...

23rd December 2006 06:12

I like it, simple but nice.

28th December 2006 00:12

Or, for a easier answer, go to the master sticky.

22nd December 2006 09:12

Ok thats not right. A fat preist that KILLS people? Something wrong with that logic.

19th December 2006 06:12

Yes, he did.

18th December 2006 21:12

Are you logged in as admin?

18th December 2006 07:12

Of course its going to show up as local for you. It is local. You forwarded all the correct ports an...

18th December 2006 00:12


17th December 2006 09:12

Your CD is problably scratched or dusty. Also, this has been discussed before, you should of searche...

17th December 2006 08:12

Its like watching people argue about pointless things. I think that we should all first and foremost...

16th December 2006 11:12

Why dont you just import your songs into JAMS?

16th December 2006 11:12

DataLord;3428490I can believe it. Hmm... Want to join me on a crusade to rid the JKA community of...

16th December 2006 09:12

lemme show you something. A long time ago, i made bluemod. Take a look at them comments. Later (and...

16th December 2006 09:12