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24th June 2006 00:06

I just awenser all day ;). Ive nothing better to do.

21st June 2006 23:06

Get a really good computer and/or graphics card.

24th June 2006 00:06

You did put the lugormod folder in GAMEDATA, right?

23rd June 2006 20:06

The shader will be found in assets1, shaders folder. You open them with notepad (first extract them...

23rd June 2006 20:06

No, not enough detail. Why isint it working?

23rd June 2006 08:06

Thatd be something youd have to code.

23rd June 2006 07:06

I think this is a shader thing, Find the shader(if any) that has this in it, and play with it.

23rd June 2006 06:06

Hmm. But why would it be fine in-game and not in modview if it was the .skin?

22nd June 2006 02:06

Id say easier, all you really need to do is edit some .jpg files with GIMP or photoshop and then cha...

21st June 2006 23:06

I hope my sig is enough to help you. (show)

21st June 2006 23:06


21st June 2006 23:06 Yay!

21st June 2006 23:06

If it's something that sounds interesting to you, PM me an I'll let you know more details from there...

18th March 2012 19:03