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i some how banned a user :P how do i unban ips/users?

24th December 2003 09:12

on Americas Army, i have my own server and i some hoe banned a guy, hoe do i unban?

24th December 2003 10:12

here is what is under mine [Engine.AccessControl] Adminpassword=******** IPPolicies[0]=Accept,* M...

25th December 2003 03:12

any one up for a match? My clan has 5 people and our server holds 10 people. If you wanna get waste...

28th December 2003 11:12

roger, if any 1 else wants to see if they wanan match, reply in the clan match forum at www.y2khost....

30th December 2003 13:12

When i try to load my server w/ punkbuster i get a repeating Critical Error: Can Not Load: C:\Progra...

22nd February 2004 11:02

i reinstalled, and updated PB and still no luck :( Any1 know how to fix this?

22nd February 2004 13:02

Y2K in insterested in a clan match this sat (02/28/04) around 2PM central on either collape tunnel o...

24th February 2004 12:02

same thing

25th February 2004 13:02

Reply if you would like to be wasted lol :P

4th March 2004 11:03

yea it doesnt work! i would have to agree

6th March 2004 14:03