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can you make a list of the bonus things so me and everyone else knows what to look for

4th June 2007 08:06

thanks, i have tons of them, but i think my sig one is in the perfect place

4th June 2007 07:06

i would like to know the name of this mod so i can get it when it comes out

4th June 2007 07:06

hmm...i'll have to get an alo viewer and look at some of the bonus things

4th June 2007 07:06

well i might try to make the movie, but it depends on if i feel like it or not, since its pretty muc...

4th June 2007 07:06

yay i get credit, also it's up to you but it might save you an email to filefront if you get the mov...

4th June 2007 07:06

ok...glad to know you might know it, i have no idea

4th June 2007 07:06

ok, i sent everything

4th June 2007 07:06

well if you find the movie i'll be glad to put that in for you, also i can code some if you need hel...

4th June 2007 06:06

i've had the problem myself, i removed the disc from the cd drive and put it back in and that fixed...

6th July 2008 12:07