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rip job.... buy the bloody blueprints if you have to... screenshots ofww2online my ass.

21st August 2003 01:08

Vulgar to me. :P

21st August 2003 01:08

Whn you say sound person thingy.. how do you "make" realistic sounds? Wouldnt you hjust have to get...

21st August 2003 00:08

Sorry to get mad... but NORTH AFRICA???? WTF Thats a whole 6 or 7 different fricken countries... I...

21st August 2003 00:08


19th August 2003 11:08

I had Halflife... I Hate it. I hate Counterstrike. I hate DoD. they suck. I gave my halflife cd to a...

19th August 2003 10:08

Trenchrats is for HL2, there is a MOHAA one as well, which has a beta out I believe.

18th August 2003 10:08

I must say, that both mods look so sexy... Battlefield 1942 was my first gaming experience on PC's,...

7th August 2003 01:08

I just hate people saying I'm WRONG!!! I'm never wrong.... I'm always right.. ;) jk PS: Lightning...

18th August 2003 10:08

that wont stop smackfags getting them

17th August 2003 19:08

(from Dictionnaire Cambridge Klett Compact) bocage m bocage (land crossed with trees) its in the d...

17th August 2003 19:08

@ Raslin: There were many Paradrop maps involving "bocage" but none at Bocgae. Villers-Bocage is a...

17th August 2003 11:08

I'd rather be an FH team member.. lmao

14th August 2003 00:08

Blistex was a very active person of similar calibre to Rob the Zombie.. muahaha

13th August 2003 00:08

I'll do it if Federiker is unavailable.. :P What times should they be on? 4am GMT+10?

8th August 2003 09:08

I'm not going to post a rant or rave, but for anyone who's into Australians in WW2, this mod is for...

8th August 2003 09:08

I remember being told once apon a time that FH would be out well before SW... :( :( :mad: :fistpun...

8th August 2003 08:08

The screenshots dont do that map justice? The video is superb, orgasmic... Will the finns have the...

8th August 2003 08:08

zomg!!! Looks SOOOOOOOOOOO goood.!!!!!!!!! I'm so drooling for this mod.. i loved 42 FH and bf2 lo...

23rd June 2005 18:06