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ack.. I think the only flaw in CoD is the sounds..not so much in the Single player they are very ime...

28th November 2003 17:11

Bunny hopping and jump prone gave the game a special touch ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

24th March 2004 22:03

get this tool for easy rcon for your server http://www.codboards.com/redirect.php?ftp://ftp.holyland...

25th March 2004 06:03

Mp44 is by far my favorite all around weapon

25th March 2004 21:03

It really angers me that they would start making CoD2 when CoD is in desperate need of some fixups....

27th March 2004 09:03

we have a sig zone on our site ..with many talented sig makers..Post..and someone will make u one im...

29th March 2004 05:03

we run PRM..u can "cook" nades..we run it on our server:) its very hard to get away from a cook or p...

29th March 2004 15:03

thank you for making another thread about the kind of thread you want to stop,..............good thi...

29th March 2004 16:03

opz.. *edit..my bad..sry

30th March 2004 05:03

you have to use 2 ^^0 for black..and the first ^ shows up :(

3rd April 2004 00:04


4th April 2004 04:04

Good Post Darwin..lots of good info there..thanks:)

4th April 2004 16:04

i agree..im seeing lots of ppl on our server with Downloadable skilz.. its so fking lame.. PLEASE! H...

4th April 2004 18:04

also..if you installed 1.3 patch over any mods..like HoB, it can make it very laggy

10th April 2004 05:04

ck it out...Punkbuster is on the way within the week! http://www.callofduty.com/patch/CoD_patchcomm1...

12th April 2004 15:04

People with opinions are taken a little more seriously when they can talk intelligently and the oppo...

24th March 2004 18:03

little cheating fags should burn in hell. my feelings also

18th March 2004 18:03

the answer is weapon limits..a server full of pssh users is as bad as an all tommy gun army.

14th April 2004 13:04

At least someone decided to do something to help to try prevent cheats I agree 100% with that. GJ Vo...

23rd February 2004 18:02

seldom use the bar unless i have to pick it up to be a back up weapon. Gar or mp44 is my 1st choice...

14th February 2004 07:02

Any one know how to write a script that flashes a msg at the end of game? I have seen this a couple...

14th February 2004 20:02

Thanks Perry. anyone else with info about this i would be glad to hear it.

15th February 2004 00:02

sleep in:p

18th February 2004 21:02

i run a server..i have seen many ppl using bots and wall hacks..they are everywere lately.

19th February 2004 16:02

What is your favorite Game mode? DM? S&D? HQ?

19th February 2004 21:02