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i am lering how to make maps but i dont know what that place looks like P.S im 11 yeres ould

16th July 2002 22:07

use mind trick that makes you invisble if it is all the way up everone cant see you fore a little b...

16th July 2002 22:07

to do the spining move make sure that your on middle light sbaer then whene someone is be hind you p...

16th July 2002 23:07 i am lering relly ouick how to make a map ple...

16th July 2002 23:07

i think it whould be cool if thay made an assult game for jk2 that whould be cool

17th July 2002 00:07

just ask

18th July 2002 05:07


18th July 2002 05:07

Hay if you want to learn how to maps. thene use this

18th July 2002 21:07

dan you dont have to spend any money you can downlode the softwere

22nd July 2002 11:07

it can take a lot of time but i did it

24th July 2002 00:07

hay all you have to do is put /twosaber or /thedestroyer thay bothe do defent things and aslo look...

26th July 2002 05:07 here is a this will help you make maps

14th August 2002 21:08

ill join if you want me to i been loking for a clan a long time o and my name is bollo. P.S peac...

14th August 2002 21:08 go here it is good

24th August 2002 01:08