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Bones reporting...:rock: i dont have a clue about all this stuff coz i aint good at the technica...

17th November 2002 01:11

yeh its the snooper rifle i missed out. i was wonderin round the level for like half hr before i fou...

13th June 2003 05:06

i got the message but i dont understand. why shudnt we stand on flags?

10th June 2003 10:06

is it me or is the compass in a really rubbish position! I cant look where im going and look at the...

10th June 2003 10:06

yeh me agree 2 :) is there anyway we can change this bcoz i dont think its a matter of even getting...

10th June 2003 16:06

yeah!!!!!!!! i say we start sum rebelion and and protest on

10th June 2003 16:06

Press alt and ur exp stats comes up. i dont no when u get promoted but i can say u get promoted once...

11th June 2003 18:06

yeh thats a pretty good gun. Usefull for keepin little sh!ts away from the house but prob a bit exp...

11th June 2003 19:06

.tga rly sux! no reason just does :p

13th June 2003 23:06

Yeh i remember big conversations about bots and i was expecting them in ET but i guess were out of...

7th June 2003 20:06

There was a thread quite a long time ago that had an entire list of the ranks and classes. Try havin...

20th June 2003 20:06

Why has a mod disabled comments on PoTD?? well i no there were quite a few negative comments due tho...

20th June 2003 20:06

yeh looks very very sweet! if u want help/ideas for the layout of the map check out the jk2 helms de...

21st June 2003 20:06

oh yeh btw dont 4get the side door :D it owns

21st June 2003 20:06

ok cheers m8

21st June 2003 20:06

well they are complete F*

21st June 2003 20:06

yeh im already bored of orignal maps! cmon mappers hurry up! :)

7th June 2003 20:06

big oops! meant to include poll

29th May 2003 11:05

i got a pic that i wanna use but its to big and i h8 to sound this noobish but i odnt no how to make...

23rd May 2003 19:05

yer i hope it flops coz wolf is betta and if it dont flop then ppl will all play ET not RTCW

24th April 2003 20:04

yeah i maxed out 4 things once. i was an LT and i fisrt i got signals level 4 then battle sense lev...

1st May 2003 09:05

and yes i was oberst

1st May 2003 09:05

your not the only one after a week or two i have gone back to the good old orginal wolfie and even t...

4th May 2003 15:05

depends wat game. are u talking about RTCW or ET? They are both good but if i was u, i wud download...

9th May 2003 20:05

Fisrtly i wanna ask... What the F|_|

9th May 2003 20:05