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Hey, i just want to know if my crappy pC can run Half life2, cause im getting it for christmas, here...

2nd December 2004 03:12

thanks it helped a lot i guess, I luv you <3 :)

27th July 2005 04:07

the only reason relic is doing igs is because they already got units in the game and they don't both...

22nd March 2005 03:03

close this thread, why you idiots arguing with another idiot? :rolleyes:

29th March 2005 21:03

dark ranger, big boobs and sexy blue skins

19th July 2005 17:07

every time i joinned a CS:S server and started playing it, when i move around the screen kinda lags...

25th July 2005 23:07

i did it, but the tps is around 56 and the In is around 100s out is around 20 and i still "lag" on e...

26th July 2005 02:07

i typed the command in the console but it said its an Unkown Command :mad:

26th July 2005 14:07

wait i don't know wheres the bf 2 file, i looked everywhere and i found 2 bf 2 folders, 1s in the mo...

15th November 2005 14:11

wow...Artillery and tanks doesn't win the war...ever seen people mass tanks in game and they end up...

12th March 2005 03:03

lol people back then are stupid, World domination.. sounds like one of your average villian that fai...

16th November 2005 03:11

From what i saw in the text book, Japan had a huge navy because of US sending resource to them for i...

1st January 2006 07:01

u guys can stop this german population stuff now, hardline hvent come for 2 days

4th January 2006 19:01

dare i say, OWNed with a p?

5th January 2006 18:01

umm, people that made COD were the same guys that made MOA... anyways, i would like a campaigne on...

5th January 2006 20:01

seriously, fighting, if you don't want to be critisied or being attacked by Flame barrage, DON"T EVE...

10th January 2006 23:01

well, could the mighty intelligent emperor be... GEORGE W. BUSH JR?!

30th January 2006 14:01

2.8 ghz 512 mb ram geforce fx 5200 128 mb 230 gb hard drive sure my comp will run battle...

16th March 2005 20:03

IGs suck. period

10th March 2005 22:03

thanks a lot:)

2nd December 2004 21:12

wait which one i click on?!?!?graphic drivers or games utilities and tools?:confused: :confused:

16th December 2004 21:12

why would u guys want to get imperial guard, they *^%&&%^$ suck in the game, freaking get ow...

7th December 2004 03:12

hey guys,i know this is a wrong thread to post,but i just want to know if my comp can support Doom...

13th December 2004 04:12

oh it does?! hurray!!!!:D wat settings u put on? Medium? oh and ty by the way;)

13th December 2004 22:12

well i tried the Demo....its still slow on my Comp..:'( the drivers will help my comp?

14th December 2004 21:12
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