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I have to admit canada did rock ww2 so did the british

12th June 2004 07:06

Tora! Tora! Tora!, Band of Brothers, Enemy at the Gates, Blood Red Snow, Der Untergang, Windtalkers(...

27th August 2006 09:08

your going to pwn my preying mantis with a p.1000. talk about overkill

22nd August 2006 06:08

Ah you bailed your tank.:smack:

23rd August 2006 00:08

Seen it already, very cool but i'm pretty sure most modelers can do detail like that, it just isn't...

23rd August 2006 11:08

MkH^I voted for Godfather, but all the other films mentioned are masterpieces too. However, The Godf...

23rd August 2006 11:08

Ways to treat your cold/flu symptoms Stay home and rest, especially while you have a fever. St...

23rd August 2006 11:08

very, very, very old lol

24th August 2006 08:08

- Don't shoot me or any of my friends. - Don't attack alone or your dead.

24th August 2006 11:08

..]POEv1.0.0[..]BIGthanksTOeveryoneWHOhasSUPPORTEDus].. reading never hurt anyone

27th August 2006 07:08

PWN (verb) 1. An act of dominating an opponent. 2. Great, ingenious; app...

27th August 2006 11:08

NurenigThat gents was what Von Mudra calls reenactment Omg is all you guys do is flame each other, e...

22nd August 2006 04:08

FluffBunnyWHY DOESN'T ANYONE LISTEN TO ME! It shouldn't matter if what ever kind of birth control yo...

27th August 2006 12:08

Maybe they are jealous? ' No don't have sex because I can't' :(

27th August 2006 12:08

what the F(%#

29th August 2006 10:08

lol, sure...

30th August 2006 04:08

*SW3D3*I saw a documenty about this on the National Geograpic channel, and what you are saying, is a...

30th August 2006 10:08

Emperor Norton IOoh, i have one.It may not be funny today but it was popular with GIs and allied sol...

31st August 2006 10:08

GauntletSo you are suggesting we should just give in for the terrorists, Dönitz? Who are the real te...

1st September 2006 19:09

September sucks, I make less money, spend more money plus it starts getting cold here and hockey isn...

2nd September 2006 05:09

22nd August 2006 06:08


21st August 2006 08:08

Hawk_345I do agree to but we need those so we can make the mod popular and then hopfully transform t...

3rd September 2006 09:09

I'm guessing they were using the Vatican as a means to negotiate with the Allied Forces. I'm guessin...

11th August 2006 11:08

yeah of course man

10th August 2006 13:08