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Hi im bretskate from [WE] clan, and we are currently recruiting new members ! We are Warlords of...

18th December 2004 12:12

sorry but my clan is regular cod not UO.

25th July 2005 23:07

there is this aim bot- aim - forumization its a stupid bot.:beer:

22nd July 2005 15:07

ITs getting smarter every day :naughty:

23rd July 2005 00:07

EvilEmpire™2 months but its says you joined in 2004?? anyway welcome again and hope you become activ...

23rd July 2005 00:07

Hi bretskate here, Since I have been in many clans and have co-lead. Im thinking about starting up a...

23rd July 2005 11:07

my xfire is fallen2:nodding:

23rd July 2005 12:07

Welcome Aboard.:)

23rd July 2005 13:07

Welcome, glad you like wc3;)

23rd July 2005 13:07

Welcome aboard, hope you stay active.

24th July 2005 06:07

Do you know where to get a free call of duty server, we can do a lot of advertising and I am expiere...

25th July 2005 08:07

Hi, Bretskate here. I was wondering if we could have a few channels in your TS or Ventrilo for our c...

25th July 2005 08:07

Is this on all servers?

25th July 2005 09:07

[color=darkgreen]Las Vegas , NV - Mom[/color] or Newport Beach , CA - Dad

26th July 2005 05:07

I dont want to read gay 13 year old cs gamers writing lol.;)

22nd July 2005 15:07

Welcome aboard, we gotta play sometime, by chance you play cod?:rolleyes:

26th July 2005 05:07

Did you check your filters for the servers?

26th July 2005 09:07

Welcome to the forum, glad to see another aussie.:)

27th July 2005 00:07

Hi, inX is recruiting Hit me up on xfire or aim and we can talk. aim - bannonthreat xfire - fall...

27th July 2005 00:07

Maybe try reinstalling the game.

27th July 2005 10:07

¡Bienvenido a los foros de juego, tienen un gran tiempo!

28th July 2005 00:07

HI, Inflames here, from clan inX. We are looking for mature deticated players that are skilled, that...

28th July 2005 01:07

yeah, agreed. Plus Hitler was a phycopath so who knows what he would do also.

6th August 2005 15:08

Hey, Im in need for a webcam. Im looking for one that is compatable for Mac "tiger" and PC "xp". Ive...

15th August 2005 11:08

Hi im Bretskate. Im looking for a clan now since I dont have one anymore :). I have played cod for 2...

19th August 2005 13:08
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