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I told you it combines SOME of the mods,not all of them.I hope you read the discription of the mod f...

14th January 2011 23:01

Hmmm...sounds familiar.I think you should try reinstalling CoH.I'm not experienced with this kind of...

14th January 2011 23:01

Hello and welcome Nero.Enjoy your stay. :)

11th January 2011 12:01

Hello,welcome and enjoy your stay. :)

9th January 2011 17:01

SGA maps must be placed in my documents/my games/company of heroes/ww2/scenarios.

5th January 2011 16:01

Hello and welcome. What kind of music do you listen to?What kind of games do you play?I'd like to kn...

7th January 2011 15:01

Hello and welcome True. What games do you play,any particular ones? Have fun around! :)

6th January 2011 14:01

Uhm...welcome! =p

24th May 2011 12:05

What the...the game made in Croatia? :eek: I'll be damned. Bravo zemljaci! :D

26th May 2011 13:05

There's a program that converts SGB maps into SGA. Check it out: http://companyofheroes.filefront.c...

11th November 2011 07:11

As stated above, there is no steam folder in either program files(and x86) folders. Only in the dire...

30th December 2011 00:12

That awkward moment when I'm splitting atoms in my kitchen and then suddenly the seal falls into my...

28th December 2011 19:12

You must place your mods in: C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Company of Heroes

28th December 2011 19:12

Wow,that guy Masturbito (or whatever his name is) is...he is...I don't know what to say. I don't kno...

23rd December 2011 13:12

You can download it from here: Dawn Of Skirmish SS v3.20 AI Mod is now LIVE!!!!

16th December 2011 15:12

Well I hope you won't be too quiet. Most people just make a post and then they remain quiet. Forever...

13th December 2011 01:12

Greetings,ElCommissar. 40k fan,eh? Though you're a servant of the false Emperor,I'm still glad to he...

5th December 2011 19:12

You can get it here: DC Mod Tools 1.2

1st December 2011 00:12

That guy on your profile picture reminds me of Triple H. =p Welcome and enjoy your stay. ;)

18th November 2011 22:11

I'd like to see a high budget W40k themed movie. Steven Spielberg's Ultramarines. =p That would be g...

7th January 2012 11:01

I'm afraid that I cannot help you. There's many,many custom maps out there so it would be very hard,...

30th October 2011 01:10

Was it a custom map or it was the one that came with the game?

29th October 2011 14:10

Hello and welcome antonina. Enjoy your stay! :)

27th October 2011 16:10


25th October 2011 19:10

Tricorder;5574045I would get up on top of the tower of my base and snipe enemies across the map as t...

19th October 2011 17:10