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HybridTheory10;5566684as for adding the '-dev' i did it and so all the maps i downloaded will be in...

3rd October 2011 19:10

Maps can be in SGA or SGB format. SGA maps go to: my documents/my game/company of heroes/ww2/scenari...

1st October 2011 11:10

I watched the Ultramarines last night. It's a nice movie but it could be better. This one definitely...

3rd January 2012 21:01

Alakazam;5599667We'd need at least three; the first building up to why Horus decided to turn on the...

8th January 2012 13:01

Welcome back, Mystic. Enjoy your stay. :)

1st March 2012 03:03

Alrighty then. What kind of a mod are you making?

26th June 2012 18:06

You might wanna ask your question in Relic's forum. Dawn of War - Adeptus Modificatus Modders are q...

22nd June 2012 17:06

Make sure you have the latest CoH patch (2.602), as those mods require it.

12th June 2012 16:06

Which mod(s) are you talking about?

10th June 2012 21:06

Matteo91;5636616To begin with, thanks Brko, thank you very much. It seems on this board there is onl...

2nd May 2012 09:05

Not really, as I don't play with Tau much. I guess you should search google for any guides for how t...

1st May 2012 13:05

Hmm, that's strange. Do you have any mods installed? If you do maybe it's corrupted. Have you tried...

1st May 2012 13:05

I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about it. Restart the campaign and aim for the Necrons first....

25th April 2012 15:04

Reinstall the game and don't update it. =p Or try lowering your difficulty. Tau has strong, hi-tech...

23rd April 2012 09:04

I doubt you'll find your answer here. If someone has issues with CoH and posts in this forum section...

7th April 2012 06:04

Oho! Još jedan domaći. =p Dobrodošao na Gejmfront!

2nd April 2012 02:04

I also wonder whats up. That place seems dead. It's the same with DoW files. I used to go to these p...

27th February 2012 22:02

Try this: Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Soulstorm | Files | Dawn of War - Soulstorm v1.2.0 Italian Pat...

8th January 2012 20:01

Fresh victim!...I mean, hello there. Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay.

17th February 2012 14:02

Hello and welcome Wolf. Enjoy your stay. :)

9th February 2012 16:02

Hello and welcome Diamonder. Enjoy your stay! :)

26th January 2012 16:01

Welcome aboard Jack! Enjoy your stay. :)

23rd January 2012 22:01

Hello and welcome to the forums. :)

19th January 2012 11:01

I have no experience in modding, can't help you there. Sorry.

17th January 2012 10:01

I doubt you'll find the answer here. You might want to try Relic Forums, I'd say that's the nexus of...

16th January 2012 19:01