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Here u go: go to Google type in "user-breakthrough.pk3" its the third one sorry i couldnt post a...

23rd August 2004 14:08

I believe Gewehrgranate is called Kar98_mortar. Should be in weapons\kar98_mortar.tik Other than t...

6th September 2004 13:09

Kits: I usually play as rifleman but it really depends on map. If it's a tank map, I'll spawn as eng...

1st December 2007 20:12

FH2 doesn't give me the same buzz as FH1 did. I have played FH1 since 0.5x, and still play it almost...

8th January 2008 21:01

Nah, it's just a bad review. It represents writers personal opinion, nothing more, it's not very con...

13th February 2008 20:02

Looking great, very well made news update. Can't wait for that bug/maps patch!

28th February 2008 13:02

Awesome video:bows:

12th March 2008 00:03

Resetting controls to default works only temporarily. I have to do this everytime I load FH2. This s...

6th June 2008 11:06

@LordSolifuge: Thanks! That solved the problem.

8th June 2008 15:06

Japan, definitely the most interesting theatre of WW2.

28th June 2008 00:06

Current name: damn_zc Desired name: bukowski_c

14th July 2008 00:07