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Hey hitman I use a pad and mouse and i find it much easier than using the whole keyboard(each to the...

31st July 2002 15:07

Dont see the reason why not,i have numours versions of Q3 with no probs!!

14th July 2002 17:07

Same here now mate,still prefer ak though but its still a nice looking gun.

13th July 2002 04:07

Same sh!t here, 1.3 512 ge3....ever since this morning every time i see,use follow someone weith the...

12th July 2002 02:07

Ah your the clan that says "ownage" everytime you get a kill!! see you in there.

5th July 2002 20:07

Isnt that cheating? I thought the main part of this game is suprise attacks......Mind you on those b...

4th July 2002 21:07

Im sure the new patches will fix all that.

30th June 2002 15:06