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Hey, I finally found my way to the forum. I've been playing for about 2 weeks now. Very fun game. Ha...

22nd November 2004 14:11

[color=red]HAPPY BIRTHDAY!![color=black]HOPE IT'S A BLAST:tommygun: [/color][/color]

21st January 2005 04:01

awesome site el.burro. boothill is hilarious. very cool site

2nd January 2005 05:01

Happy Birthday Bite Me!

8th January 2005 23:01

sent you my email

11th January 2005 02:01

c0rnholi0 Oklahoma DSL dl 1253/ul 318

11th January 2005 05:01

KANE apparently you weren't burned too bad... your trigger finger seems to work just fine:nodding: ....

13th January 2005 23:01

it would be cool to see some real pics of all the players...maybe another thread. as you can see my...

14th January 2005 09:01

[/quote2] yes it would. i'm working on setting up a dedicated server to use as an FTP site for photo...

15th January 2005 03:01

hey I dunno which way to go...i'm lost in this thread:kerian: btw very glad to have more players....

15th January 2005 09:01

[color=red]HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKINS!!!:beer: :stallard: :bday: [/color]

16th January 2005 01:01

PA your resemblance to Chevy Chase is scary. the cigar just makes it too real. Dragon, I agree wit...

16th January 2005 02:01

I'm almost always log on between 9 and 10pm (usually after watching CSI with the wife). That's usual...

18th January 2005 09:01

Thanks very much!:cheers: It's been one of the best years. The arrival of my little boy, and I star...

19th January 2005 00:01

[color=red]:bday: :bdaycak: HAPPY B-DAY PREACH!:Party3: :Party2: [/color] [color=black]HERE'S MUD N...

23rd January 2005 01:01

Wow. First of all thanks for everyone's kind words. Ignacio ended up taking responsibility when real...

2nd January 2005 02:01

I'm good enough. I'm smart enough and, dog-gone it, people like me.

10th February 2005 13:02

Cool link. Mine was Yeller Dawg.

10th February 2005 14:02

I refuse to get into a battle of the wits with a liberal...it's unfair to fight an unarmed person:na...

25th March 2005 05:03

See what you did Queeg!!! lol What started as a harmless, intended to be funny post, has turned in...

25th March 2005 08:03

you got it partner:beer:

25th March 2005 10:03

:agreed :ditto: HUH?

26th March 2005 21:03

@ Preacher:agreed Operation: chicken man elimination is in effect-3458579-7832323-4678344-4646494...

26th March 2005 22:03

Just youthful.:D Didn't mean to hurt your feelers. Just get tired of all the leftist, religious...

26th March 2005 23:03

Sorry, just one last point I feel I have to make. Some of you call Bush evil, unintelligent. Maybe y...

27th March 2005 22:03