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Seriously, I do suck at these things. Well, here goes. Hi, I am me. O_o Am your local random nerd;...

4th March 2010 22:03

Oh, but it is a good article. Surely you know any article about His Holy Meatballs and Noodly Append...

1st October 2010 02:10


10th October 2010 22:10

Ninyarr. YARRRRR! ...Pirates help contain global warming, Ninjas are just useless.

10th October 2010 19:10

(That's a finger, for the record)

10th October 2010 19:10

10th October 2010 19:10

...Ballmore? 0.o.O

10th October 2010 19:10

Real men use the default font style.

9th October 2010 23:10

Not in the sense that you mean, no. There are various mods that give you additional moves though.

8th October 2010 21:10

I also have the "Run as Administrator" thing checked On both jamp.exe and xfire? Tried without comp...

8th October 2010 02:10

Jose Carlos;5409249Another JK4 petition? Man, you people are slow. I've had it for like three months...

14th October 2010 21:10

...Did I just actually forget to include the file I meant to send that contained all the npcs, that...

25th September 2010 08:09

You are in denial.

25th September 2010 08:09 Presuming you know how to do basic modding, Open the pk3...

25th September 2010 07:09

Caelum. O_o

25th September 2010 06:09

^ | | Until I found a certain button :p

24th September 2010 23:09

I blame it on n0e & vbSEO setting changes :p ...And possibly the fact that my thread title cons...

24th September 2010 20:09

...Damn you, you just made me lose the game.

24th September 2010 07:09

YEAH WELL... ... ... ... ... ...Mine has a more original title. :p

24th September 2010 07:09

computernerd;5399697Already done: EDIT: &g...

24th September 2010 07:09

Just curious if it'll actually work :p EDIT: The answer? Yup, it did. Now if only I had anything pr...

24th September 2010 06:09

Walk in. See this. Wat do?

24th September 2010 06:09

will not stop posting until you give this thread back to the non-staff Sorry, we are very exclusiv...

22nd September 2010 22:09

Unfortunately...what Razor said.

14th October 2010 12:10

[color=red]Update: the master server is back online![/color] The master server appears to be down...

15th October 2010 02:10