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What OS are you using? Vista/W7? Tried running in compatibility mode & as administrator?

19th September 2010 18:09

...Zetaboards. I'm not sure I can stand the mention of web 2.0, let alone web 3.0 *shudder* Seriou...

19th September 2010 18:09

The Caelum's official sentiment regarding your monocle: O_©

14th September 2010 20:09

Pixelated is so 2010.

11th September 2010 05:09

thought they're using the Force when testing maps and other mods for the reviews. :p Don't forget ab...

3rd September 2010 20:09

FML: Your everyday life stories keeps me sane. Comics, Quizzes, and Stories - The Oatmeal also help...

29th August 2010 17:08

*Waves hand* You don't want to sell me death sticks. You want to go home and rethink your life.

23rd August 2010 18:08

Obviously, you install Norton 2006.

23rd August 2010 01:08

Damn you for beating me to it Raz XD But yeah. I personally don't see a problem with it. Also, lo...

30th July 2010 16:07

Gentlemen. ...Other than that, what Pedantic said.

30th July 2010 15:07

Did you try running jamp.exe as administrator? Clean install y'say? No japlus/lugor/whatever, no sk...

27th July 2010 19:07

Aye, reply from James Monroe - it's back up! No need for the workaround now. :p We were told quite c...

18th October 2010 22:10

Thank you Caelum and Mr.Monroe for all your efforts! Yer welcome, believe me the thankyou's are all...

18th October 2010 23:10

So I'm getting myself a VPS that'll be running several small-ish (dynamic) websites soon. Basically,...

16th March 2011 01:03

wow, very nice thread. I like this repetition! :)

3rd April 2011 17:04

I have to admit it does look awesome =p

3rd April 2011 15:04

You just saved my sanity, sir. :lulz:

1st April 2011 16:04

Looking good; in fact, have uses of the RPing variety for this myself. I approve =p

31st March 2011 00:03

As far as I know, it broke ages ago. Don't know about any new ones though. If you want, you could j...

22nd March 2011 00:03

Always good seeing someone get back to JKA =p Heya.

16th March 2011 14:03

@Red Fist: it's basically a huge technical improvement over IE8. It's faster, and now supports a lot...

16th March 2011 04:03

Been using it since the beta too; infinitely better than IE8. Still a couple of things I'd have like...

16th March 2011 00:03

only on certain maps, i tried replacing them by opening my assets0 with pakscape Never, ever, touch...

8th April 2011 16:04

You need to go deeper. ;D

16th March 2011 00:03

Never had a WoW one, but have had several ones telling me various things about "My facebook account"...

9th March 2011 22:03