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i know its just north africa at first but how many? and whats next? eastern europe or pacific?

13th December 2007 13:12

i noticed this in bf2 and quit playing pc fps ever since i did a search on the subject. its really b...

10th December 2007 12:12 a nam mod...

4th April 2007 22:04

where would i find a cheap x850 pro agp? newegg has them for $224 or something. thats not cheap. a 7...

19th December 2006 15:12 reality check for "pr...

18th December 2006 16:12

"And an african mod for RO is preparing !" what? where?

18th December 2006 13:12

you should try the ruger 10/22. cheap and fun to shoot. a 30 round mag can make it pretty deadly.

17th December 2006 16:12

great fast paced ww2 game with realistic elements. its true.

4th October 2006 11:10

guess when eve of destruction 2 and forgotten hope 2 will be released:)

17th December 2006 14:12

for single player. and what about iron sites mod?

17th December 2006 13:12

flags needed more action and less of the three stooges.

17th December 2006 13:12

yea some good shoot em movies.

17th December 2006 13:12

i wont even bother with forgotten hope 2 without punkbuster.

4th October 2006 21:10

now wtf damn. i installed bf42 and 1.6 patch while waiting for forgotten hope to d/l and most bf42 s...

4th October 2006 21:10

full download wtf is that?

4th October 2006 20:10

and where is 3 of 3? shezzzzzzzzzzzzz

4th October 2006 20:10

1 of 3 and there's 2 of 3? wtf? i need both?!!!! can it be messier? wtf is so hard about having one...

4th October 2006 20:10

u can hook up ur pc to a big screen t.v. i have 2 gaming pcs, ps2, xbox, gc. halo2 looks alright b...

28th January 2005 10:01


26th January 2005 17:01


30th January 2004 08:01

im not sure what u mean by roll back but i deleted the latest driver and it still did the same thing...

15th January 2004 14:01

ak47 1.png.php .45s guns 3.png.php...

31st January 2004 05:01

high speed is not in my area. :uhm:

21st August 2003 06:08


21st August 2003 05:08

bb/dsl is not in my area and i really want this game. i am used to lag. as long as my gun fires when...

18th June 2003 23:06