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This time I'm not a pirate, folks. I cannot multiplayer battle because of the timeout on my wireless...

2nd July 2002 02:07

Gizmo, I would if I could :(, but alas, Cable is not available in my area (backwoods of michigan). T...

22nd July 2002 22:07

Okay I have a 2 (count em 2) questions. 1. You know the R2-D2 mod? (lets you play as our favorite dr...

22nd July 2002 23:07

I'm An Idiot. Nuff Said. Now, with that done, here are a few requests. 1. Make every baddie in the g...

30th July 2002 08:07

Thanks for the idea Jools, alas I dont have a phoneline in my basement but If (and hopefully when) I...

14th August 2002 23:08

Originally posted by WolfUmbra Hey Cap... whats the u/l d/l speed for your sat??? Ooops I forgot...

14th August 2002 23:08

Hehe I know I was on vacation and we had a flood and we were stuck in a hotel

16th August 2002 09:08

Haha I laugh in your face- I'm a Jedi MAster! I'm not gonna post due to bad language, but its Got Sa...

18th August 2002 03:08

Hey cool idea, I'd use it, but i cant skin to save my life

19th August 2002 05:08

DUMB DUMB DE DUMB! They cant do that cuz the web isnt part of the UN or the US (they're the same tho...

23rd August 2002 08:08


25th August 2002 23:08

As a photographer (I'm told I'm quite good :) I want to take screenies in JK2 without the dang conso...

25th August 2002 23:08

Look at that wasted screenie!

25th August 2002 23:08

Ah Much thanks

28th August 2002 03:08


28th August 2002 04:08