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i have got a weapon that makes 4 fighters fly out of my ship and attack ( alot like the captains yac...

16th January 2004 00:01

Hi i am a big fan of the show farscape and was wondering if there are any farscape ships out there...

8th July 2004 22:07

i've wanted to do this also plz say if it does work

17th April 2004 22:04

that looks amazing. ive never heard of the ship in any movies or episodes is it cannon?

18th April 2004 01:04

i never really liked the sabre but i'd like to see how this will turn out

26th April 2004 21:04

looks like i've got a new keep mod, nice job! r u still workin on the excalibur and if so hows it co...

27th April 2004 01:04

It should do, i play alot of lan games as i have 4 pcs tht can run a2 but the way i do tht is to ins...

28th April 2004 00:04

how about a sta2 vs mod which lets you be the federation and then the other races are different thin...

30th April 2004 14:04

tht is beatiful

4th May 2004 13:05

another way to do it would be to make a whole new trans warp special weapon only for the feds so u d...

7th May 2004 02:05

does any1 have a sod and textures for any farscape ship as i love the program and it would be good t...

26th May 2004 01:05

I was just wondering what people would rather see - Armada 3 or the Armada 2 source code???

6th June 2004 16:06

i find tht on xp u have to leave it for bout 30 mins bfore anything happens

12th June 2004 00:06

whilst looking through the threads i can across the one titled special announcement from a SFC3 mode...

23rd June 2004 17:06

thanks i better ask

24th June 2004 18:06

That mod sounds really good sorry but ive nothing u need but i will definatly be downloading it. MAP...

8th July 2004 21:07

Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of a mod for JA which replaces weapons for the sort that we (well...

25th July 2004 03:07

what is the ship?

26th March 2004 00:03

I cant see it can u post a link to the file pls.

25th July 2004 13:07

maybe if u made it look like it had a the muscly crap.

25th July 2004 18:07

thnx a lot, my JKA experience has been improved

25th July 2004 22:07

when u say interested do u mean interested in d/l it or interested in helping because im interested...

12th August 2004 01:08

Mothership- Titan? Dreadnought- Excalibur Battlecruiser- Sovreign Destroyer- Defiant Carrier - Conco...

14th August 2004 01:08

Contact me on [email][/email] and i will try out the ships you used and send...

14th August 2004 15:08

thats a shame but oh well. are u going to relese the titan class?

17th August 2004 14:08