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what you do is you highlight the filename then copy and paste into the file search box above the can...

8th September 2004 20:09

you are wrong you need nanofx2.0 it should help

10th January 2005 23:01

thanks but now i cant launch shuttles one day i can the next the buttons used to launch them are gon...

10th October 2005 17:10

yes i turn all of the muaters on

10th October 2005 11:10

WELL! your "perfect" mod might just have a couple gliches in it that need fixing

10th October 2005 00:10

i downloaded the koboyashimaru pack and on it i cant dock with drydocks and starbases and i cant lau...

9th October 2005 22:10

off topic - elminster

15th January 2005 14:01

cooooool you could fix the graphics a little ( how do you get the type 11 shuttle)

15th January 2005 00:01

on killermovies.com its says there might but not a tng movie and they might not make a new movie at...

7th January 2005 20:01

you did not answer the question on HOW TO FIX THE BLANK DEFLECTOR DISH AND NAME oh ya and the back i...

9th September 2004 19:09

hey you need the bc mod packager-(on it you select the name of the ship you want which are already t...

4th January 2005 21:01

i have the same problem

1st January 2005 23:01

it sounds like a good idea but why dont you make a starship voyager that has battle damage like the...

7th December 2004 21:12

how do you get the power mod to work i download it and put the files in the right place b ut nothing...

20th November 2004 14:11

hey all i do is keep all my downloads in a SEPERATE folder and if you right click on the bridge camm...

16th November 2004 00:11

off topic - elminster

10th October 2004 16:10

like i have said before download winRAR and DO NOT USE WINZIP winRAR works good for me now i can dow...

2nd October 2004 17:10

i had the same problem so download winRAR it works for me just dont use winzip

27th September 2004 20:09