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I suggest that #fhmod channel should be moved to quakenet. Reasons? Well, there's lot of...but i wri...

15th June 2008 10:06

Bah, i think update contains 2 shot's of Colt.45 and some ingame shot. Also some statics could be th...

3rd September 2008 17:09

Hmm wtf, hslan seems to be empty O_o i assume there's none online at all :( Bit scary, that hslan ha...

20th September 2008 12:09

Am i now right... Ap-shells dmg depends on distance(more distance, less dmg)? HEAT-shells does prima...

19th September 2008 20:09

I'll just wait for youtube-videos bout fh2 newest patch and view forums bout that... then i wait my...

18th September 2008 18:09

What's the RATE OF FIRE of sahariana? Oh god, that looks tons of fun.

17th September 2008 18:09


17th September 2008 17:09

AUSSIES model, last african map and some info bout release date.

16th September 2008 13:09

And moar ubdates!

11th September 2008 11:09

NICE, cant wait

10th September 2008 17:09

Fh2 is it's own mod, but some reality tweaks could be nice, like some gun recoil etc and stukas div...

10th September 2008 16:09

I agree, i would've fuck'd up in 1 week if i would be dev..every wednesday every1 askes "IS THERE PA...

4th September 2008 18:09

Well tomorrow then!

3rd September 2008 17:09

Camaan, say it's pak hanomag!!1

31st August 2008 17:08

Ah right, i read bout gamespy probs from finnish bf2 site, but didnt realize that affect fh2, sorry...

20th September 2008 13:09

There was hanomag whit AT-Gun, but models and other files destroyed in computer crash, that's what i...

31st August 2008 14:08

I agree, i hope to see same in future!

30th August 2008 09:08

WHAT DID I SAY 2/4 correct!

27th August 2008 19:08

believe in you're dreams, before some1 crushes 'em...crushing time is sooo close...

27th August 2008 19:08

BAR+colt.45... italian playermodels and 2.15 release date.

27th August 2008 18:08

Fixed :D? Oh Crumbs! Our database seems to be down. Please try again later! well, atleast it's...

27th August 2008 16:08

Im whit bigger recoils!

27th August 2008 14:08

Well..atleast i want to see some kind of medics and i know there will be. But how about repairpoints...

25th August 2008 15:08

Yeah, it may be unrealistic.. but it could be fun, there's other unrealistic issues so it wont be so...

25th August 2008 14:08

MEDICS! I would love to see medic kits on the most map ground. I just found brilliant medic system f...

24th August 2008 14:08