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i kinda had to stop the diorama one because no one entered it

23rd February 2008 08:02

its a predator amon lol

23rd February 2008 08:02

no problem gaffer Sunday it is (hopefully)

24th February 2008 00:02

ah poor you and there was me looking forward to seeing soom of your maps too

16th April 2008 23:04

yea but i dont have £70 for two defiler's or the materials in order to make it

17th April 2008 06:04

by the name of the god of lost things bob find it and get the pics up soon because its not long unti...

12th February 2008 02:02

sorry for the no response everyone i have been rather busy with college work but anyway hope to see...

18th May 2008 18:05

now thats really good marshall

29th April 2008 20:04

yea the graphics are sweet but personally i want to wait and see for myself what its like

1st May 2008 04:05

ummmm sorry for double posting but were did everyone go ??????? this competition has had no activit...

7th May 2008 05:05

yay its aliiiive mwahahahah sorry i went crazy for a second there(well more crazy) anyways hope to s...

8th May 2008 01:05

thats actually not bad fulgrim its nice to see someone take time to do this so keep up the good work

10th May 2008 02:05

thats not really a long time if you think about it

11th May 2008 06:05

okay you didnt lol but anyways "we need more people in this competition" (sorry about the crazyness...

13th May 2008 18:05

well hope to see them soon amon as always lol

15th May 2008 22:05

name: Brother captain Thanuis force: grey knight's Deed: lead his squad into the depth's of a large...

16th May 2008 06:05

okay sorry for triple post but im back on the screens now and here are some of them

18th May 2008 07:05

name: chaos lord azaris Force: Dark reaper's/emperor's children/iron warrior's deed: led his termina...

18th May 2008 07:05

kk no problem iron man but i have no idea when to do the next comp

19th May 2008 19:05

lmao i know this is sort of the same as the last comp but im going to limit the amount of models one...

28th April 2008 23:04

that's an interesting conversion Green is it a battlewagon or a vindicator?

25th May 2008 00:05

yea we could do a short story but we could also do a short role-play about dow

25th May 2008 02:05

[quote=XeroKeeper;4356796]hmm i would prolly give the Necrons some voices, but i dont hate them. ne...

26th May 2008 01:05

okay sorry for the long absence but i have been up to my knee's in college work but that hasn't stop...

3rd June 2008 01:06

nice model's there themanclaw whats the first one it looks like a traitor guardsmen and the second o...

4th June 2008 05:06