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I could do modeling (read try to do modeling) send me an email : [email][/email]...

31st December 2004 16:12

im gonna start collecting choas marines... gonna post some pics when when i have them

1st January 2005 12:01

hmmm....maybe modifiing the coats of arms and making them look more well....41st millenium-like coul...

1st January 2005 12:01

well im still learning abouut modeling..... i made something but i dont even know if its the right s...

1st January 2005 18:01

just tell me how big it should be pls any1?

2nd January 2005 18:01

can some1 tell me where the builing, andd unit models are becouse i really wanna find them so i can...

2nd January 2005 19:01

anways heres the almost finnished version :

3rd January 2005 16:01

y doesnt any1 reply bc there has to be some1 that can help me

13th January 2005 19:01

can some1 help me with this b/c i really wanna get some of my models to work or at least see them in...

25th January 2005 15:01

OMFG garrys mod v6!

27th January 2005 11:01

2 words : map editor u get it in the Dawn Of War Mod Tools u can get them here

27th February 2005 05:02