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how do i make a server for jk2 please as when i try i get a hitch warning :(

16th July 2002 23:07

nice layout but you need more members

12th August 2002 21:08

wtf is avm ?

29th August 2002 11:08

you need 3ds max or softimage to export to sod format , which are very expensive :uhm:

27th August 2002 13:08

tried to download the voyager armor mod and i get the (never had problems before)= Access Denied If...

25th August 2002 09:08

i sent it to the submit news address , but it no longer matters:frog:

23rd August 2002 07:08

the one at your site

23rd August 2002 02:08

do you ever post any news people send in ???

22nd August 2002 11:08

Originally posted by Spectre Well im working on 2 mods at the mo, Warborg u wanna join my modding t...

5th August 2002 20:08

please some one tell me how to setup a server so i can run the game online :confused:

17th July 2002 07:07

that fine , thanks ;)

23rd July 2002 07:07

np :cya:

23rd July 2002 05:07

how did you get the following ships/stations ? 1: negh'var 2: fturret i don't mind but i made the...

23rd July 2002 04:07

is it possible to use my website/server to run a online server ,if so how please ?

18th July 2002 05:07

tried that ,did not work

18th July 2002 04:07

have you got a firewall installed ?

17th July 2002 22:07

well thanks for the help , NOT:p

17th July 2002 21:07

if you need it hosting on the cr server major , i can do that for you :p , but hurry i want to try t...

19th September 2002 15:09