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hey if you tell me how to make like red or blue for a texture ill tell you how to make a flag:beer:...

19th October 2002 23:10

can you make me a script so i can look at it ??? then this post is CLOSED!!!! ______ ___...

7th January 2003 02:01

lol the man who made fun made that woo stom go!

2nd January 2003 03:01

got 1 am done!

2nd January 2003 21:01

wtf is goomba killing?

2nd January 2003 21:01

ok here! if you find out how to maker a...

4th January 2003 18:01

i cant find 1 place to get a script_mover just to drive in circuls because i made a harry poter trai...

4th January 2003 18:01

no i tried that i need a tutorial that has a brush moving around like in a circul when you jump into...

4th January 2003 19:01

am 9 but i can map i can do lots of stuff i can even texture

4th January 2003 19:01

thanx but is the do i have to make a ai. because in the nibs tutorials theirs isnt but do you have t...

4th January 2003 22:01

a beyblade is a spinning top but i mean like make it spin so fast and move around at the same time a...

4th January 2003 23:01

k 1 thing there isnt anny mappind subjects their if there is link them to me and do you now where th...

4th January 2003 23:01

i now i just dont under stand the script mover script!!!!!! but i learnd how golddragon made color f...

5th January 2003 17:01

i tried nibs doesnt work and i dont know how to get crimson!

7th January 2003 03:01

but on you cant get the textures:)

31st December 2002 19:12

k i made my map thing and my script but i tried it on wolf it says "G_parsespawnvars:EOF without clo...

8th January 2003 14:01

am gunna wait tell i get to my dads to do this he probely nows how he makes mods :)

9th January 2003 03:01

hey am wondering if you can make a script that theirs 1 doc and both teams can steal it

13th January 2003 00:01

it doesnt have a level shot or readme but it has scripts and junk but this i a map made by a 9 year...

19th January 2003 20:01


22nd January 2003 22:01

[COLOR=orangered][]Here[/EMAIL] if[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange] You[/COLOR] [COLOR=c...

22nd January 2003 22:01

how do you do that?

24th January 2003 15:01

k allright goto

27th January 2003 23:01

hey can i make something like this for et or rtcw? lik...

31st January 2003 23:01

dude EVER tried reading umm let me see THE LEVELSHOT!

31st January 2003 23:01