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PR is not bad, but I love FH2 much more.

27th July 2008 13:07

The team is lacking in animators, I'm afraid.

4th November 2008 14:11

I love the new voices! love it so much! Italians speak Italian, Aussies speak Aussie style englis...

7th December 2008 07:12

The aussie voice makes me laugh to death, hahahahaha~:rofl::lol: "Shit! Fall Back! " "What the fuc...

6th December 2008 01:12

The wallpaper looks awesome! spitfire~:rofl:

4th December 2008 16:12

Hopefully FH2 will win 2008 MOTY of ModDB by v2.15

27th November 2008 10:11

Dream crusher is getting ready to launch the crush.

26th November 2008 13:11

Fenring;4687645I understand you guys want to know about 2.15, what has dragged out this patch is the...

20th November 2008 14:11

SERG;4686680I start to think that 2.15 will not be released before 2009.:( I think it will probabl...

20th November 2008 01:11

Does this mean name of the third map of 2.15 is "The conquest of Tobruk"?

17th November 2008 14:11

IMO nose view is also acceptable in FH2, here is my reason. By the way, I'm not suggesting to add...

7th November 2008 16:11

Great Update! Good to see cool Typhoon~ Ah~ What is this? China British?

6th November 2008 04:11

Third map and release date!!!!!!~ PLZ!!!!!!~:bows:

5th November 2008 16:11

As it is already decided what to update when 3 days left, it should be some quite heavy-weighted upd...

26th October 2008 16:10

FH1 has those "shout" voices? I used to think there was only radio communication voices which are fr...

7th December 2008 13:12

Eat Uranium;4646671Are you sure its not just a pickup mg34 kit that the dead soldier was using? An...

23rd October 2008 14:10

IF there is an update today, I guess it will be preview of the third map and release date for 2.15.:...

22nd October 2008 12:10

As v2.15 is going to be finished, so I'm wondering how the SP part is going on? how many maps in v2....

17th October 2008 13:10

me, chinese, glad to help:cya:

15th October 2008 13:10

Thanks for the great information, Fenring~:beer: Now sit tight for the upcoming patch~

9th October 2008 15:10

I guess there will be a small update of Normandy.

8th October 2008 15:10

ztphillip;4621012It is Forgotten Honor (fhtmod) with some FHSW equipment and FHT Ironsights rolled u...

8th October 2008 13:10

'[79thSgt-D;4619275']Ah yeah, too bad it came so late, the FHT minimod put FH1 near the perfection,...

8th October 2008 09:10

2.15 will be released together with Normandy.

4th October 2008 16:10

General_Henry;4613437he say it's in 1.15 though. our patch is supposed to be 2.15.....:( I think...

4th October 2008 03:10