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I have received the special ops badge 3 times and basic combat badge 2 times and it is not showing t...

3rd August 2005 05:08

PLease provide more detailed info on the size, colors, & images required. Also, please provide s...

26th July 2008 19:07

Spoiler: Show from a picture I took.

22nd July 2008 21:07

An ode to Kimchi Ferrmented heaven, both hot & soured Explosions of happiness on my virgin tas...

23rd July 2008 01:07 are German, right? You eat sauerkraut? will LOVE you some kimchi, bro!

23rd July 2008 03:07


23rd July 2008 03:07

On my 25th birthday, I got wasted on tequila & Roller bladed buck a$$ naked through a busy inter...

23rd July 2008 19:07

The wonderful end of the world

24th July 2008 21:07


25th July 2008 21:07

This contest's theme is "[COLOR=Red]THE SUMMER OLYMPICS[/COLOR]" The Rules are: [COLOR=Black]Mus...

26th July 2008 04:07

...& a chick too boot...

26th July 2008 04:07

{AG}Spartan-007;4457571 made this while looking a a tutorial and well he only had 1 part of 2 of t...

26th July 2008 10:07

10/10...looks like you have been busy using some tutorials. Quite excellent.

26th July 2008 22:07

Somebody call for a clown?

22nd July 2008 20:07

^ is the proof:

27th July 2008 20:07

What the hell does that mean. As resident Over Lord of the graphics dept., I take offense at your st...

28th July 2008 09:07

It is the charred remains of pure evil. That is why it stinks. Have you never seen the movie Time Ba...

29th July 2008 20:07

It is out of control!!! SUBMIT...

30th July 2008 23:07


30th July 2008 23:07

closed for bad things.

31st July 2008 09:07

The winner is RAM! Good job & congratulation!

31st July 2008 19:07

I have a GREAT tip for you. Don't look at the frames per second. Now, play your game. Did it play sm...

1st August 2008 19:08

As far the main question asked..SOURCE is the most flexible & easiest to use. Now, as far as whi...

1st August 2008 19:08

No Habla the Jibber Jabber...

22nd July 2008 19:07

If you play a lot of pc games, that tends to happen...I get around 6-8 months from a logitech mx518.

2nd August 2008 08:08