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No chance, you metal bastard

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To clarify, I am on medication from Anxiety Disorder. FT saw how bad I got when I first got diagnose...

11th January 2019 11:01

There are many reasons anxiety can be triggered. I recently got diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and...

10th January 2019 17:01

I had a colecovision

23rd June 2018 10:06

Posted by RadioActiveLobster Don't get an iPhone. Problem solved. What he said.

21st May 2018 21:05

mkl pls

22nd April 2018 07:04

Was it Mikey or was it Faktrl. We'll never know for sure.

21st April 2018 22:04

he fix forum so can post

21st April 2018 21:04

19th March 2018 17:03

Robot dogs

14th January 2018 13:01

@FileTrekker Bald

1st December 2017 23:12


1st December 2017 23:12

It's like watching a JJ Abrams Movie.

11th February 2015 04:02

FileTrekker;5762253I don't know, it's the only Canadian show I've heard of. They're not even a real...

11th February 2015 04:02

25th January 2015 03:01

That's right folks, he is a ghost.

25th January 2015 03:01

FileTrekker;5761196Thanks for this. Anytime, Your Baldness.

2nd February 2015 01:02

Today is the anniversary of Bald People. Led by the King of Bald People. FileTrekker.

2nd February 2015 01:02

Update: FileTrekker, Still Lacking Hair.

29th January 2015 07:01

Mr. Matt It wasn't there...

11th May 2016 06:05

12th May 2016 23:05

Enjoy your ban, mother fucker.

12th May 2016 23:05

12th May 2016 07:05

12th May 2016 07:05

mester mott pls

12th May 2016 07:05

12th May 2016 06:05