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True Sith

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help me whenever i say BSP anything in GTKRadian 4.0, it always says "failed to execute

5th September 2004 11:09

What if the AI of HK-47 was transferred to Grievous's body and killed Kenobi? What if the CIS mass-...

11th May 2007 02:05

Dang, this thread has reached number 3 on the Most popular active Forum threads from Kotorfiles.

22nd September 2007 00:09

Looks very interesting. I noticed --voices--. Do you mean that you are going to use voice-actor's or...

22nd September 2007 00:09

You can play them off without unlocking it, if you want that you should download Bink video. (RAD ga...

20th September 2007 02:09

I think it will be something like Knights of the Old Republic III The True Sith. Would probably play...

19th September 2007 04:09

What also a problem is that HK-47 still would say the sentence in the Dune Sea: I would really like...

28th June 2007 02:06

From Wookieepedia: There was another dark side option that was cut out from the game which was to k...

27th June 2007 22:06

Ki Adi Mundi;3627185I'm willing to bet it will be. Standard Lucas Arts practices to say they will n...

13th April 2007 21:04


30th September 2007 18:09

It depends, if you like combat then weapon master, or when you like forcepowers then Sith lords

13th April 2007 21:04

Yup me 2, since The Force Unleashed will not be released on PC

12th April 2007 15:04

I think you have installed the "Handmaiden for female exile" mod. At least that happened to me.

10th April 2007 00:04

Or a very low influence. 10 I thought.

10th April 2007 00:04

I'm doing it for fun.. new weapons are fun but you know, some people are just pethatic... I don't pl...

9th September 2006 23:09

there is only 1 reason for EA making this game: MONEY!!!!! wy would they make it elsewy?

7th September 2006 20:09

first of all: through singleplayer you cannot unlock weapons, only if you temper with the zip file a...

4th September 2006 19:09

Mh, I've never seen anything like that. Did you installed some mod or something?

30th September 2007 18:09

Sorry to say this but, this is the worst description ever.

3rd October 2007 00:10

I see everywere infantry roling and diving, how are you able to do that?

3rd September 2006 18:09

Mh, I've never liked MMO's. What a shame to see such a story get waisted by a MMO.

7th August 2008 06:08

these are the true sith =p

25th September 2008 17:09

A lightsaber is pretty much defenseless against a M4 automatic assault rifle :P Or you should have a...

8th August 2008 02:08

Oh plz, those bullets from Durge during the clone wars? pff normal bullets aren't like that. If Tusk...

8th August 2008 02:08

Sounds like my kind of comic.

7th August 2008 06:08