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I Found a new single player map called "Clonewar 2044" & it's a must have for sp fans. I downlo...

3rd March 2003 14:03

there already is a well known map called frostbite. you ma...

22nd February 2004 02:02 I'm sure this will end up being the most popular mod for ET.

30th January 2004 04:01

That's just concept art, that's not in the game.

30th January 2004 16:01

There's no version of ET for mac, so your best bet is linux.

31st January 2004 14:01

move your custom .pk3 files from your etmain folder

6th February 2004 16:02

Aim Practice Bridge Das Raetsel Enigma Fidel's Complex Infamy Lumber Factory Montezuma's Revenge Pac...

21st February 2004 11:02

Here are a few: village, ice, beach, & base

23rd February 2004 00:02

Yes, they've decided to use the half life 2 engine for the mod.

29th December 2003 04:12

If you have'nt played this yet, download it!! it's the best multiplayer map i"ve ever played. http:...

10th April 2004 14:04

ypg_kings & kungfugrip are two fun maps

21st April 2004 12:04

It's been two weeks since the last update, so that's not too encouraging. :mad:

16th September 2004 07:09

Both, they sent it in about two weeks ago and wolfenstein files hasn't been updated in two weeks.

16th September 2004 18:09 :eek: :eek:

19th October 2004 00:10

since you're dealing with such a large file size you might want to consider using bittorrent to dist...

1st December 2004 03:12

You can't run two mods at the same time.

30th December 2003 02:12

type in /cg_draw2d 0

28th December 2003 08:12

Here's a link to the mapper's home page,he's working on the second part to clonewar and has some scr...

9th March 2003 12:03

Some great mappers are going to be mapping for ET. [Hummer,RiverStyx,Etc.]

7th June 2003 11:06

I found a single player map called "Red Moon" you can find it here

21st March 2003 09:03

monday or tuesday is most likely

19th April 2003 12:04

Anybody know when the final version will be released? I thought it would be out by now.

19th April 2003 12:04

According To PlanetWolfenstein the full version will be released next week! Here's The Quote: Cary...

10th May 2003 01:05 They'll Have Everything You Need,Just Look Under Resou...

25th May 2003 12:05

I don't think splash damage is too concerned about the 56K crowd ,it seems to me they never intended...

25th May 2003 15:05
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