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Originally posted by Zeddy oh shut up, i told them i was willing to help them out with map reviews...

12th March 2003 19:03

did you think of going to the generals forums? complaining here may not get you anywhere...Im not s...

13th March 2003 06:03

Originally posted by Zeddy then what the hell is your problem? you

13th March 2003 05:03

Originally posted by VeXeN I will not play till 1.4.. Even then will the problem be solved? disc...

13th March 2003 01:03

because the arrow key scrolling is typically slower than right click

13th March 2003 01:03

Originally posted by Zeddy ur wrong. either way, i never said he wasnt doing a good job i was sayin...

13th March 2003 00:03

and i think he is doing a good job, getting as much maps out as he is

12th March 2003 20:03

Originally posted by Zeddy it wasn't an insult, how about you go and bug someone else, i was just g...

12th March 2003 20:03

Originally posted by Zeddy ok, its taken almost 2 weeks now. and i know that this map was good caus...

12th March 2003 17:03

look at the site

14th March 2003 16:03

Originally posted by GeneralSparky Ok people the word is this. We will update this page but we have...

11th March 2003 06:03

Originally posted by madmanfrommars lol its not for playing generals on ur cell, its for checking u...

11th March 2003 02:03

i dont play generals on my cell, so i think ill pass

11th March 2003 01:03

define WAP for the dummies out me

10th March 2003 19:03

Originally posted by -=VM=- All you had to do is read the readme.. You think I'm gonna lie to you a...

10th March 2003 03:03

well, its somewhat symmetrical if you cut it from bottom left to top right

10th March 2003 02:03

They are gonna add a penalty for disconnecting

9th March 2003 18:03 has all 3 cove...

8th March 2003 04:03

Al Gore is a freak

14th March 2003 16:03

14th March 2003 21:03

Originally posted by madmanfrommars YAY YAY!! I LOVE YOU! THATS MINE! WORST ROUTER IN EXISTANCE!! I...

8th March 2003 03:03

Originally posted by oobootsy1 i dunno ask that to ur momma she doesnt care

26th March 2003 03:03

Originally posted by Breezer23 Okay.... but why must you be so rude? We're all n00bs at some time...

30th March 2003 22:03

lol go check the regular gens board ... they had search last time i was there

30th March 2003 22:03

woah rephrase please i have no clue what you just asked

30th March 2003 21:03