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If it actually does comes out on the date EA games claims, then yes :P Nah, I'll buy it anyway.

14th January 2005 09:01

Try not to forget borders, even a 1px black one is better than nothing.

5th February 2005 16:02

Try going through a few tutorials to refresh your memory maybe?

10th February 2005 08:02

9th February 2005 14:02

No it isn't. The top of the second from the left is.Thats all the picture included. It was a joke. I...

9th February 2005 13:02


9th February 2005 07:02

It's a lot easier to make a sig if you know exactly what they want, rather than having to ask them q...

9th February 2005 07:02

*Soviet.PowerHey Chucken, I used that wallpaper a bit ago, its damn cool....hope you don't mind :p...

9th February 2005 06:02

S3phirothMeh I don't like the gradient overlay on the text it just doesn't match but the rest is nic...

8th February 2005 01:02

The first decent thing I ever made in photoshop.

8th February 2005 01:02

You could either re-lasso the whole border or magic wand what you've got and hold down Shift to add...

8th February 2005 00:02

How's that?

7th February 2005 07:02

hahaha. Don't put your own work down, at least you had a shot. Remember borders and clear text make...

7th February 2005 00:02

Nothing too fancy. Just american soldiers. First sig has normal text, the second has been set to sc...

6th February 2005 16:02

Maybe change the color of the text or add a stroke, bit hard to read. good job though.

6th February 2005 15:02


5th February 2005 16:02

Just trying to get a bit more activity in these forums really. Playing around with abstract a bit....

2nd February 2005 14:02

This picture was an an actual billboard in Orlando, Florida, paid for by Clear Channel. And then......

12th February 2005 08:02

I made a matching avatar too, you don't have to use it though. :P And your current one with a r...

31st January 2005 10:01

Haha. Oh god, not enough sleep. Someone get rid of that post I want him to have the sig he wan...

30th January 2005 15:01

How do you misspell <[nWo]> ? I think your referring to the type of text I used, and the aLt...

30th January 2005 23:01

30th January 2005 23:01

;) .

31st January 2005 07:01

Hahah. I tried this cuz it looked funny, I couldnt fins a decent sword picture though so i just mad...

31st January 2005 09:01

I added a green Outer Glow via blending options, the size was about 18 px I think. hahah, it looks...

31st January 2005 10:01