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Hello, let me introduce myself I just got Doom3 for my Bday last week and almost finished the origin...

26th September 2004 19:09

im planning on doing ships and i have milshape and a 30day trial of 3d max 9

11th February 2008 01:02


10th December 2007 09:12

this still aint working

11th December 2007 10:12

ok when i clice on the setup exe it comes up (unable to install installshild scripting runtime) then...

15th December 2007 05:12

that looks nice but i was looking for more along the lines of the piller of autom ore the foword unt...

7th February 2008 08:02

i want to lern how to moddle as in make my own ship and put it into the game and i have no idea wher...

7th February 2008 10:02

ok i downloaded Milkshape 3D tril and gimp so now what?

7th February 2008 21:02

ok i bacily no how to use Milkshape 3D because i used to use a program called blender but i dont no...

8th February 2008 08:02

ok say i had a finished moddle and textured it how would i convert it so i could use it in BC.

9th February 2008 06:02

ok me and liney98 have officially started a [COLOR=blue]H[/COLOR][COLOR=blue]alo mod[/COLOR] we need...

11th February 2008 05:02

that guncam workes so well no lag or nuttin just what i was looking for ty

17th November 2007 05:11

we need a porson who knows how to texture and we need a hard pointer andd if posible a moddler thx.

19th March 2008 08:03

ok how do i convert google sketchup moddles to 3d max

2nd April 2008 07:04

ok i got it figured out and it was for ships for my halo total converson mod

3rd April 2008 07:04

ok im making a halo total converson as most of u no from bcc forms i need a porson who knows how to...

4th April 2008 04:04

i am asking agen i need a texturer for the halo total converson mod i am making we have moddles they...

25th April 2008 01:04

when i try to run bc it comes up D3D render creation error. its a clean install vorson 1.1 o and i h...

18th August 2008 05:08

no did not work im trying to get into the hardwhere ecceleration settings but it wont let me.

18th August 2008 06:08

ok after the star up vido the main menu wont apper the screen just stayes black? im using kobishy m...

10th December 2007 04:12

i thell ya what when this modle is finished and set up for bridge commander post in in the thing and...

16th November 2007 09:11

when i try to play star trek starfleet command 3 it says pleas install derictx8.1 but i all redy got...

22nd March 2007 02:03

yes i have the 1.1 patch and no modes installed it just says mismatch

20th August 2007 10:08

i installed the sfc3 beta patch v534_b ( all languages) (534_b) patch and when i runed the game an e...

24th March 2007 08:03

wtf is am os i just followed the instructions i unstalled the game re installed it installed directx...

24th March 2007 20:03
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