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when i started star trek starfleet command 3 an errer camew up (vido starup err unable to find textu...

25th March 2007 06:03

ok i fixed that prob and a new one came up (vido start up errer) conot find tevtuer by index) do u n...

1st April 2007 20:04

i got that prob fixed a long time ago now it says canot find textuer by index errer?

21st April 2007 23:04

i want to try to make the rometheus be able to do multy vector asalt mod and un do it, the plan is t...

21st July 2007 07:07

sorry i dont no how to node and i havent even atempted it.

21st July 2007 22:07

when i go to join a multyplayer game it says mismach with c:/actvision/bridge commander/scripts/main...

19th August 2007 11:08

um the link was un help full um can u walk me throght how to fix it?

19th August 2007 12:08

i have the km1.0 mod installed and the 1.1 install patch when i start campain after caption pcard sa...

22nd August 2007 07:08

ok do any of u no of a program where i can record anthing on my screen like it records what ever is...

16th November 2007 04:11

ok after the vido of the batttle when u start the game up theis little debug screen comes up and cra...

9th September 2007 03:09

i went into the thing where u desable the gravtyfx but i still get relved of duty.

9th October 2007 09:10

ok i got stbc and installed it played it for 2 weeks then i found the kobishy meru mod and installed...

2nd November 2007 08:11

like i said i did that all redy like 10 times

3rd November 2007 03:11

ok im sorry to tell u alll but thanks for your help but i gust started up the game a hour ago and it...

4th November 2007 14:11

ok im using the kobishy meru mod can someone tell me how to use the walk mod and yes the mouator is...

4th November 2007 14:11

ok guys it works as soon as u click on controlls go right to the bottom and the chose the keys u wan...

5th November 2007 08:11

ok this is my thred post in three days lol. does anyone no where i can find a map of the youtopa plo...

6th November 2007 09:11

does anyone know of any halo ships i can download?

13th November 2007 10:11

my fire wall is of and my anti virus. do do u turn of the security settings on vista

18th August 2008 06:08
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