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yo yallz i just installed rtcw and i tried to get the 1.41 patch and i got it. when i went to insta...

20th September 2004 11:09

well no the name form swbf2 is rise of the empire. my mod is called rise of the new empire

31st January 2007 22:01

i am recruting for my mod clone wars era who ever whats to join plz post here we could like to have...

1st February 2007 10:02

ok show me your best work and you may get the very first cope of cwe mod

1st February 2007 10:02

i am making a contest for are mod. if you can. do anything related to moding show me a photos of...

1st February 2007 08:02

shack360;3514126u seriously mean ur relasing the full mod omg i cant wait for this u will be praised...

1st February 2007 08:02

i gess no one cares that we are releasing the mod .we could have it out by towmorrw. i have redone t...

1st February 2007 08:02

ok i got all the models from z3r0x he said nothing like to give credit to the people you said so you...

1st February 2007 06:02

i have very good news the mod is coming out any day ok so look for it on are clone wars era website...

1st February 2007 05:02

thank you for saying soming. i do not want people to think i stole his model sry to post 2 time but...

1st February 2007 01:02

ok well let me look on my game. are you talking about eaw or foc

1st February 2007 01:02

well it is beside the name of the faction you are playing ok . click on it and go done

1st February 2007 00:02

did you not read the name of my mod is rise of the new empire

31st January 2007 22:01

yes i did and IG-756 can back me up on it ok . you can ask z3r0x because i aks him about ok

31st January 2007 22:01

ok we have ingame photos.

31st January 2007 22:01

hey that was very cool i like how they got the battledroid

31st January 2007 22:01

i gess no one care if we need help or not

1st February 2007 11:02

i am it looks cool i would download it

31st January 2007 06:01

i have made a website for this mod it is

30th January 2007 09:01

awof;3510607the Jedi Clone Trooper sounds alot like Obi Wan when he was in Phase I armor. well no he...

30th January 2007 09:01

well jedi master clonetrooper is going to be a jedi for the clone army he will be in phase1 i hope ....

30th January 2007 06:01

lyndonrebutoc;3506737Boy, you miss spelled some like ko-ad mundi mace wind0 and comander cody, its n...

30th January 2007 05:01

1upD;3506383There already are mods that add all of those things... *sigh* if you have soming like...

28th January 2007 09:01

what do you guy keep saying upload i said nothing about that. i have a update on the mod. we are add...

28th January 2007 08:01

well yes we have a mini mod . i wish we could release it on monday because that is my birthday but w...

28th January 2007 04:01